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Where does it say my billing cycle?

My last bill said April 7th to May 6th. So is my next bill going to come on June 7th?? Where does it say my next bill is going to come on self serve? And also, if my bill comes on June 7th, is that the exact due date? If I pay on June 8th will there be a fee for it? Sorry for all the questions, I'm really new to koodo and very confused.

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Once you log in, on the overview page where they show your usage, the top is where they say how many days till your next bill.

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According to your question your close date of the bill cycle would be the 6th. making the start date the 7th (this is the day you get renewed mins/data.) and your due date is always 5 days before your close date the following month, or 25 days after the close date. so for you about the first of the month providing its not a holiday or weekend. It takes a few days to process billing so your bill should be ready to view on self serve by about the 9th or 10th of every month If you pay your bill on the 8th of the month you are likely to get a 2% late charge on your next bill. I recommend paying you bill at least 5 days before your due date (which should be the 1st) If you are paying through a bank, 2-3 days before if paying by online banking and if paying by credit card you can pay the same day by self serve, phone or at a kiosk. oh and if paying by check or money order through the mail which I don't recommend because it takes so long at pay 2 weeks before due date. Also you can pay at western union or money mart but that takes about a day and they charge and extra fee. Hope this answered all you questions and hope you are enjoying your new service with Koodo! Good luck! 🙂