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when will the samsung galaxy note 7 be available?

when will the samsung galaxy note 7 be available?

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It's officially released on the 19th from Samsung, so Koodo will either follow that date or it may be a little bit later, once shipments have arrived and such.
they have them at Bell..but  I dont want to get tied up in their expensive plans..Hurry Koodo..bring them in pleaseeeeeeeeee!!
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Just to clarify, they might have the inventory ready to sell but they won't be able to activate them for customers until the release date. The Note 7 for Koodo is a high end flagship and demand might not be high enough to justify keeping lots of stock in stores, so it may end up being an online only phone like the S7 Edge. Only time will tell.
thank you Jonathan..I appreciate your replies 🙂 and info 🙂

I too have been looking forward to the note 7, but with the preorder bonuses you can get through other carriers right now, it's certainly most beneficial just to port your number over to a competitor. Especially since koodos pricing structure isn't much different than the others. Unless of course, you're grandfathered into a good plan... Which if this is the case you're probably better purchasing it outright anyways factory unlocked with preorder bonuses.