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when will nexus 5 devices get Android Lollipop OTA update?

  • 13 November 2014
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Still waiting for lollipop on my koodo nexus 5

78 replies

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As far as I know, it is Google that updates the device, Gary. Hang in tight, they started to roll it out today but as always, they don't want to hog their network and won't update them all at once!
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I just downloaded and installed the factory image from google!!!!
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Thanks Sophia, I am trying to be patient but it is now 3 more days and still no update. Manual loading the factory image is not appealing to me 🙂
Got it on my Nexus 4 yesterday.
My friend is with Rogers and he got the update today. Not me 😞
My husband got his update from virgin yesterday
I got my update today, I am using Koodo nexus 5.
I got my update today, I am using Koodo nexus 5.How come you got the update? i'm with koodo and my nexus 5 is still with kit-kat???? Thanks for your answer.
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I got my update today, I am using Koodo nexus 5.It has nothing to do with your cell service provide. Google rolls the update out in batches over a period of 2 -3 weeks while watching for any problems. Patience, it will come or as suggested, do the update yourself.
I got my update today, I am using Koodo nexus 5.It shouldn't have anything to do with your Carrier but apparently it may. Refer to https://support.google.com/playedition/answer/4457705 where Google has added the following text recently: "Based on your carrier, it may take longer than two weeks after release to get an update." This is very annoying.
I got my update today, I am using Koodo nexus 5.I still have not gotten the update and my phone can only call out and receive calls and texts in. I can't search the net or text anyone. So not happy with this, feels like I am paying for a useless piece of technology.
Lucky you are, my koodo nexus 5 is still with kit-kat???
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You can manually download it. Just go to YouTube and check out android authorities video on the process of how to get it installed. Anyone can get it now without waiting any longer
But will that affect further updates?
If your mobile language is set on french-canadian, and Lollipop is installed, it will do a HUGE glitch when it's plugged in to a charger. Google has acknowledged it and a fix will be out soon (i hope!)
You are absolutely right, i'm facing that exact problem, I must have my phone shut before charging!
Koodo sent me a replacement phone which updated automatically but my original Nexxus 5 is still not getting the update. How can I get it because I need to return the replacement phone.
My mobile data doesn't work after lolipop update. Checked APN settings and everythign seems to be fine, same profile as kit kat . This is week 2 without data 😢
You can flash the firmware on it... But keep in mind that you also need to backup your phone on your computer. Using the official factory images, you can follow the instructions at this official site, https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images find the firmware for your device, you'll also find old firmware, follow the instructions on the site,then you can fix it yourself... If it doesn't work, you can also go back to your older firmware 🙂
so it makes sense that i still didn't get the 5.0 lollipop update?
Yea I'm still waiting as well
I see, so it's not only me.
I see, so it's not only me.Have you received the update yet?
I see, so it's not only me.no unfortunately
still waiting here as well...sigh