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When will koodo be getting the lg g2?

All of the other carriers have announced they will be getting it soon will koodo be getting it aswell?

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The G2 is poised to be VERY popular when it launches! Many carriers have announced they'll carry it, but Koodo has remained quiet so far. Don't count them out so soon though, time will tell! But so far, nothing has been announced from the Koodo staff regarding the G2.
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I'd love to see the LG G2 come to Koodo, it's a very interesting device that is one of the more innovative devices being released this 3rd quarter. Remember you can get the LG G2 from anywhere and get it unlocked to use on koodo if Koodo doesn't end up carrying it. If you did that you'd also have the option of getting the 10% byod/SIM only discount if you don't owe on your tab.