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When Marshmallow galaxy s6 update will come

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I myself do not know the date for the GS6 for telus/koodo release date. You could try googling it or possibly any of the Mobile Masters may have the answer for you. But my best advice would be just to simply google Android Marshmallow update for Galaxy S6 Telus/Koodo
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Hey Dacian! We don't have the release date yet, but your phone will prompt you to update once released.  Thanks for your patience! 🙂
It seems Samsung has been derelict in their update process.  I'd say roughly in the next couple months at this rate.

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Unfortunately not until April 13th!
I finally got it today after manually checking for it every day! I am a Koodo Galaxy S6 user in Hamilton, Ontario.
If its any consolation, I'm currently using a Bell Samsung S6 and still haven't received the update!