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when is the website gonna be fixed?

when is someone gonna fix the website im always getting an error of 1 kind or another what is " ?? no key ??exception " all about wont let me change my plan view my bill or anything really pissing me off!!

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Pretty sure they are looking into it. Due to the fact you are unable to access what you need to do,give Koodo a call and they can do those changes and help you out at no cost since there is an obvious technical issue
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I just got into my ebill fine? Try clearning you cache/cookies and what web browser are you using?
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No problem here either although some people have issues with chrome and Firefox ( I don't) . It's really optimized for Internet Explorer. Try Jordans suggestions
Sounds like you're using Safari.
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Marcus Fenix wrote:

Sounds like you're using Safari.

I use Safari, very rarely have issues.
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Hey Wade, have you tried clearing the cache & cookies, closing the browser and opening a new one to try again? Let us know.

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