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When Is The Galaxy S3 To Get Jelly Bean 4.2 Update?

Anyone know if or when the S3 will get the new Jelly Bean update to 4.2 ?

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All the rumors I've seen point to May/June, but it will also depend on how fast carriers make it available.
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It hasn't even been released for the international version so you'll be waiting till the middle to end of summer before you see it on a carrier version. The Galaxy S4 will be released with it and then a month later the international version of the S3 will get the update and then a month or 2 later the carrier branded models will get it. If your in a hurry to get it then either get the Galaxy S4 when its released or get the Nexus 4 which Koodo carries now which has 4.2.2 right now and will see the next version as soon a next month when it should be released at Google I/O.