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Whats wrong with my Ace 2X

  • 25 July 2014
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I was charging my phone over night(no power surges), and in the morning the phone wouldn't turn on. I was charging the phone with a charger for a S4 phone but I can't see that mattering, b/c you can't over charge a L-ion battery. I tried removing the battery for extended amount of time and tried other batteries but still nothing, There are no lights blinking or nothing happening when I try to turn it on, tried holding all buttons also. I have a parts phone, so I you guys having any suggestions on what happened I would appreciate it. Thanks!

6 replies

Also tried different chargers to rule that out
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The Ace 2x has a lesser battery capacity than the S4, so repeatedly charging a battery with a charger that isn't rated for the devices' battery could cause problems such as overheating which results in the batterys' inability to maintain a consistent charge over time. While the battery may charge quicker, it's actually putting a lot of stress on the battery. Examine the battery closely for any bulges or cracks. At this stage, Li-Ion batteries won't leak liquid but develop gases that create bulges or cracks on the battery case due to overheating and CO2 build up. If you see any bulges or cracks on the battery, do not continue using or charging the battery as it could explode and possibly catch fire. Only option here is to try a brand new battery and find the proper charger with an output of 5.0V, 0.7A. Failing that, it's possible the battery may have developed an internal short which could be affecting the overall operability of your Ace 2x.
tried new battery and proper charger still no go, would/could this be a motherboard problem. I have no problem digging in the phone, just not sure what is the usual fault to try first.
I finally checked the battery and noticed that one had air pockets beneath the outside cover and looks warped. So the phone assuming that it overheated, what got cooked. Is it the motherboard or charging part that wont allow it to start
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I finally checked the battery and noticed that one had air pockets beneath the outside cover and ...If you intend to repair the device yourself and provided the warranty has expired, the next best option would be to order the main board because the charging port is part of the main board. Trying to repair blown copper/silver traces or surface mount components is exacting work and one mistake could further damage the board. To answer your question, the only way to find out is to visually inspect the main board. An ohmmeter is helpful when checking for continuity or lack thereof. The link to the video below shows a teardown of the GT-S7560M when replacing the digitizer. You can also see that the charge port is part of the main board. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS-hCsmi47c
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This doesn't exactly answer your question, but the Ace 2x has been the bane of my existence ever since I started selling it. If you're still under the original warranty, id recommend using it. Sounds like hardware failure and you should be covered for that.