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whats with my cellphone it keeps saying NO SIM card but it does have it.

  • 8 January 2020
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My cellphone keeps saying I have no sim card - Emergency calls only but I do have a sim card in the damn thing. I removed the sim card and tried again and same thing . Nothing change.  It's been an issue for about couple months now . I use to have to turn the cell off for few minutes then put it on and started working but today nothing anymore. Could it be issue with SIM card or the cell?

1 reply

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The only way to be sure is to swap Sim cards with a other phone to see if the problem follows the card or stays with the phone. If there's no one nearby who you can try it with, you can always go to a Koodo kisok or reseller and ask for a demo Sim to be thrown in or yours in a phone and then you can see where to go from there.