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whats up with the moto G phone

the moto G phone is a great phone and all but there just isn't enough storage space and I was just wanting something that runs just as fast or even faster but has wayyy more storage space. or maybe even a micro SD card slot that you can store pictures and music on to help provide more space for needed apps I find it annoying that I have to delete my games or transfer my pictures onto the computer before I can add a new app/game otherwise I run out of space and there is nothing I can do about it.... if any one knows about a better phone that is just as fast running that meets my needs please feel free to let me know...

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If you really like the Moto G, Staples sells the 16 GB version, unlocked for $230+tax: http://www.staples.ca/en/Motorola-MOTO-G-16GB-Smartphone-Unlocked/product_1013953_2-CA_1_20001
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Another choice is for 250+tax you get the 2014 version with MicroSD (still only 8GB though) http://www.staples.ca/en/Motorola-XT1064-MOTO-G-2nd-Generation-Smartphone-8GB-Unlocked/product_1360028_2-CA_1_20001