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What to do with a Samsung Galaxy Core 2 DUOS not compatible for Koodo Canada?

Hello, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Core 2 DUOS Unlocked online but Koodo Canada told me it's not compatible with them because it's for two SIM cards. Can you tell me which provider would accept this phone in Canada (Québec)? And can I use it with only one SIM card? Thanks

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Can you provide the model number of your phone. It'll help us help you.
They asked me the IEIM code of my phone then told me that this model isn't compatible even if it is unlocked and with a Koodo activated SIM card. That's true, I have no signal even if everything should be fine for a compatible cellphone. The model number of my cellphone is :  SM-G355H/DS.
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It may work with Rogers but not very well at all if it does, other than that it won't work on any Canadian carrier Unfourtunatley