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What the f*** is going on with Koodo and how come we can activate our dam sim cards for over 3 days now. should have been told when bought

Yes I've been trying to activate my sim with Koodo for 3 days and it keeps telling me that their systems are updating how long does it take for them to update their systems most companies it's an hour and this has been three freaking days already just paid for all this through Koodo now am I going to have to go and get a refund because i cant activate it. id like to have it activated within the next 24 hours as I've been waiting 3 days already. I just got finished with the cell phone company because their cell company f***** up a phone service for me and I haven't been able to use my phone for a month and now I cant use it with Koodo. I'm going to have to be sitting for another f****** month or what how long is it going to take for these guys to get their ass together and get their company up and going so that people can activate their SIM cards this is ridiculous 3 f****** days. 

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Try clearing your browser cache and trying again
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Try sending Koodo a private message on Facebook or Twitter, just without the foul language.
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The site has been fine for days. Try clearing your browser cache.