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What text add ons are needed for travel to Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

I will be traveling to Belgium, Netherlands and Germany on vacation and would like to know what add ons I need for my plan to call and text. How to prevent additional charges for data. Can data be used on WiFi? I have a Nexus 5 phone and am on monthly billing.

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Data is not going to be used if you're on Wifi as that will depend where you are (restaurant, hotel etc) but Koodo has a new roaming pack for very very minimal usage. It will give you 50 international minutes, 50 Mb of data and 50 texts and unlimited incoming texts for $40 which is good for 30 days after being activated. This add on works in every country other than Canada and the USA. The cool thing is this package is good for every country you are visiting. I would just be wary as it is not for a heavy user. Just for someone who needs it for emergencies.
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Hi Sheila, Janul is right! You'll find more information about this add-on on this link http://koo.do/trvllng :) Enjoy your trip!