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What is voicemail 10? How to do call forwarding on new home wireless koodo?

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Hi Yas, 

To do call forwarding you have to dial *21* then the number to forward to followed by #. So if I wanted to forward to 416-123-4567, I would dial *21*4161234567#.

You can read more about call forwarding here.
Thanks. How to Cancel it?
yas al wrote:

Thanks. How to Cancel it?

Thanks I found it.
o activate:
  • Enter the activate code below before the area code and the number you want to forward your calls to.
  • Enter # and then press SEND (send key varies by handset).
  • You'll see a message informing you that call forwarding has been activated. [list]
  • For example: Call Forwarding Unconditional to phone number 416-123-4567 [list]
  • dial *21*4161234567# and hit SEND
[/list] [/list]     To deactivate:
  • Enter the deactivate code and then press the SEND key. [list]
  • For example: Deactivate Call Forwarding Unconditional [list]
  • dial #21# and hit SEND
[/list] [/list]