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What is using up all my data?

I have a google browser cause it's a google android phone, my email is synced to my phone most of the time, I have other apps I don't use frequently, I have a sudoku game I play, and a draw something game that I only play when in wifi, I have skype and google hangouts but I'm signed out of them most of the time and only use when in wifi, I had locator on but turned that off. Is there anything that I've mentioned that could be using my data? Also, how do I clear cookies on my phone?

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The Play store, Android itself maybe. Go to Settings>Network Connections>Data Usage and you can see which apps are using your data
Go to APPLICATIONS Manger look for clear cookies
don't let it billed up keep Application clear
it helps to look for a app killer helps your phone works
good make shour you Google it before you install It
some apps has varus in thim wen you install have good varus SCURITY system on your phone it help's Hitt the
manu button clear runing apps in the backround
I hope this helps ones a moth delete the reformat
the phone by software reset? ?
(I'm sorry Matthew, but I HAVE to do this before I have an aneurysm.) Go to APPLICATIONS Manager look for clear cookies. (Clear Cache?) Don't let it build up keep Application clear. It helps to look for an app killer, as it helps your phone work better by closing any running apps (Advanced Task Killer Free, or Clean Master are best bets) Ensure to Google search (or read the reviews) of any app you check out before installing, some apps could have a virus in them. It's also a good idea to have Anti-Virus on your phone, it helps a lot. (AVG, Avast, Lookout, Norton, 360 Security all are decent recommendations) Hold the menu button to bring up the multitasking menu. Clear/Swipe away apps running in the background. I hope this helps. Also once a month it could be a good idea to a factory reset/restore to defaults on your phone (I really don't recommend doing this as you will lose all your apps and anything not on an External SD card....) (End editing spree....*goes to take an Advil*)