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what is the koodo tab?

i was checking my balance to see how much I had to pay this month and it said my koodo tab was negative X amount of dollars what does this mean?

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Negative tab is the tab you have remaining. When you signed up you probably were given the choice of using a tab when purchasing your phone. Tab S 150 off Tab M 300 off Tab L 500 off Whichever tab you picked becomes your negative tab. A portion of your monthly bill goes toward paying off your tab. Tabs are automatically cleared after 2 years. This video should help 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amxl8F7oiT8
My Koodo tab is suppossed to be cleared to zero after 2 years So explain Why after 3 years I have a Koodos Tab & What good is this tab?
Is your tab positive or negative? If it is positive, the tab can be used towards the purchase of a new phone in store. For example, a Moto G 3rd Gen on the tab is $168. If you have a positive tab of $100... You would only have to pay $68 for the phone or start a new negative tab of $68. Basically, it's like you have an in-store credit of $100! If your tab is still negative after 3 years of being with Koodo I would contact them directly and ask them why your tab isn't paid off yet.