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What is the biggest feature changes on a Sumsung 3 compared to the 2?

I'm wondering what the biggest differences are, feature wise in the Samsung 2 and 3.

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I believe not so much, just some decoration and OS enhancements, That is what I believe of ...
One of the biggest things in my opinion is the quad core on the s3 compared to the dual on the s2. Another thing is that the s3 has a 64gb model. Whereas the s2 only offers up to a 32gb. The other obviously things would be it has a slightly higher operating system, it's bigger, the screen is bigger, the shape and colours are different... etc This will help you with anything else. http://smartphones.venturebeat.com/compare/129-245/Samsung-Galaxy-S2-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-S3
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I love the fact that you can transfer pictures from an s3 to another phone with the same ability. Put the phone together and transfer the pics or vids