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What is tethering and is it a good idea for a prepaid cell?

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I've been seeing the term tethering a bit for the last few days and I'm not quite sure what it is or whether it is advisable for a prepaid cell like mine. Can anyone tell me more about it? I have Koodo Prepaid. My phone is an HTC Desire 320.

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Its when your cell phone shoots a wifi signal for another device to connect to use internet via using your cellular data.

You just have to enable Mobile Hotspot on your phone.  There are no additional costs aside from the data used.

Other devices can tether to your cellular data via wifi or you can tether to wifi that is using someone elses cellular data
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One minor proviso... it's about 1000x more expensive than using your land-based wifi. One or two movies should just about exhaust your 1 gig booster if you tether your laptop or set-top box, while I will still have 199 GB available on my landline plan for about the same price.

Not really designed for regular use.