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What is koodos warranty process for the one year manufactures ? If you dont live near a koodo location and you cant be without a phone!?

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Hi Megan, Usually they will ship you a box to send them your defective phone. I'm unsure weather or not they send out a loaner in the box though. Best to call *611 and discuss it with a rep. If they don't provide one through the mail-out, then you will have to drive to a Koodo location and they will be able to provide you a loaner.
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For no cost they will send you a return box. You ship your phone back and you will be sent a replacement once it is received. For $25 they will send you a priority replacement, which means the replacement is sent out with the return mailer and you send back your old phone once you have received it. To my knowledge you can only send it in for REPAIR through a koodo shop.
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Hey Megan! Just to clarify, we do not offer a priority replacement service anymore. Your two options would be to go to a Koodo location http://koo.do/kdostore and send out your device for repair (we would have a loaner phone to provide to you for that time) or call us at *611 and we will ship you a box for you to send us your defective device and we will send you a replacement once it is received. Please refer to our warranty and repair policy for more information http://koo.do/Kwarranty. Have a good evening!