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What is he deal ... ?

Why is it that koodo just offering double min/double data.Had phone for 1 year only get 150m/talk, 250MB data ? Phones on market now giving unlimited talk/text and one GB of data.... fell like I'm getting taken for a ride. Offering me 100 min/talk for $ 10.00...?

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Hey Nowwwwww Robert! You're perfectly able to change your plan once a month for free! Thing with koodo is some people have plans they never want to change from and Koodo doesn't force you to change your plan. It's up to you to come check what's available and make changes when something you see interests you. Plans aren't tied to phones they are tied to your account. If you want that new plan, all you have to do is log in and change it. Oquatanginwann