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what is a phone useage charge..it appears that on phone #2 that amount varies by the month !!!went from 5$ to $25 ..!!!

it is our second phone set up to receive/send call and do some texting ..pictures could be sent and received..originally cost 425 /month now $47/mon !!

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Have you checked your bill? What are the details of the charges? Bills dont just fluctuate for no reason, there has to be a new charge on your bill, please take a look and get back to me.
thank you for your response..yes..I am looking at my bill..there is a column titled phone usage charges.....me.. as the main user has no charge in that column ( probably included)..while the secondary phone has a $ 25 fee in that column. ...my question is still how does that charge incur??I am unable to find answer to that matter..what usages bring about the charge??
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Log into self serve and Download  your Ebill, then check detail info on each number.
It will show you any overage charges.