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what i do to estop the internet

The internet is running without use it mi bill is over pleas cansel the plan or estop the internet

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i put off the wifi an the internet is going ruining i have 10$ on an if it continuing up i have to estop the plan
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If you have an android First Method. - Pull down your notification bar. -Highlight the "Data" to enable. If it is gray it is disabled then. Second Method. Settings - Wireless and Network - Mobile Network - Data (Take the check mark off) (If you have Jelly Bean just go to Settings - Data Usage and turn off your data from there) Iphone - Settings - Cellular - Cellular Data. Windows phone On Start, flick left to the App list, tap Settings Settings icon, and then tap Cellular.
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You can also call Koodo and request a data block, Chinchilla... but you wouldn't be able to send pictures messages any more (MMS). If that's not a problem, a data block is the most sure thing never to use data at all 🙂
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What do you mean your Internet is running without you using it? If you have an Android and you have any widgets on any of your home screens that will take data. Remove them from your home screens and the only data that will be used is if you have any app that your signed into that are syncing to see if you have any new messages and displaying that as a notification that you have a new message. You can stop this by signing out of any app that uses the Internet such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also depending on what phone you have and what version of Android it uses go to settings - data usage - hit menu and check off to restrict background data.