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What happens to my incoming texts if my phone is turned off for 3 weeks?

The actual situation is that my new phone (new HTC One M8 to replace the one I used to have which was stolen a few days ago) won't arrive for about 2.5 weeks (I had to ordere a new unlocked phone from the internet because Koodo no longer carries HTC, and from what I can see, HTC One M8 has possibly the best audio of any cell phone, and that is a top priority for me). I got a new SIM card and re-activated my account, hoping to be able to see who might be trying to text or call me, but it seems that my account information will only show calls actually received, or texts that made it to my phone (which of course won't happen until my new phone arrives).  Net question is whether my texts and voice messages will be stored somewhere on a Koodo server, and for how long, so that when I get my new phone in about 2 weeks from now, will I be able to receive them?  Thanks for your help!

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Thank you Roar!   Any idea about voice msgs?
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Voice msg will stay in the VM, but you can verify them by calling from another phone.
Thanks Robert - How do I get into my Koodo mobile's voice mail from another phone?  ...do I hit a special key?  ...Thx
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  • From a landline or another mobile phone, dial your area code plus your phone number, press the * key, enter your password, and follow the prompts.

Info here : https://www.koodomobile.com/help/voicemail
Yep that worked - thanks!!!