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What does the error code '919' mean?

I asked this question about a month ago and it wasn't answered. I was advised to clear memory to have double what would be required for me to have access to my updated app (the app in question is an update to whatspp) I deleted two apps and now have triple the space required and it still won't download. Since I paid to continue using whatsapp, I would like to know if there is a reason why I can't update it and if I should be getting a refund as I'm not getting what I paid for. Also, I can't download any other app when I clearly have the space.

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We offered many answers and suggested you replace your device. Sorry if you didn't like the answer. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/is-anyone-else-having-problems-with-their-whats-app-update
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As I said, error code 919 is a memory error. If just clearing memory doesn't work, try a factory reset. Settings>Privacy>Factory data reset.
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@ Taiyewo I think you also mentioned that you'd be shopping for a new phone a possible solution. Did you end up buying one?
Never mind! I actually found my way around this. It's a glitch with google play! Thanks for the quick reply folks! And for those who asked no, I didn't purchase a new phone yet. I honestly can't afford it 😞