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what does International Data Roaming add on mean and include?

What I can get the International Data Roaming for $0. What does it mean and what does it include? I also have International Voice Roaming what does that mean and include?

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These add ons just allow you to connect with cell phone networks while roaming internationally. You can choose to remove them if you want but they do no harm and are useful to have on your plan so you don't have to worry about adding them later if you need to.
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The $0 international roaming enables connecting to towers outside of Canada. The roaming connection itself and incoming SMS are free. It's your usega that'll ring you a bill. Incoming or outgoing calls, outgoing SMS and data usage will charge you. Once you have the $0 international roaming added to your Koodo line, you can add a roaming pkg to your line when you plan a trip.
A more cost-effective alternative would be to get your phone unlocked, then grab a local, pre-paid sim card at your destination country. If it's too tricky to get a local sim card at your destination (language barrier, ID requirements for activation, etc.) you can look into pre-paid roaming sim cards to use with an unlocked phone.