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What does a 919 error code mean?

  • 14 August 2014
  • 3 replies

I have come across this code twice now and can't figure out what it means. It pops up when I try to download an app from the Google Play.

3 replies

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From what I can tell, based on a short google search just now, is that it's a memory glitch. The most reliable fix I've found is as follows: Check your phone memory, how much is free. You can transfer your apps to sd card through ‘apps2sd/app manager’ (free). Clear your cache and data now. For this, follow these steps: 1. Go to menu>settings 2. Go to Application and then press manage application. 3. Now select google play. 4. Then you have to click on clear cache. 5. After that come to the home screen. 6. Go to download manager. 7. Select clear data. 8. Once you clear the data the problem will resolved. Solution found here: http://appslova.com/android-fix-error-919-app-installation/
I've tried transferring apps to my SD card, but it isn't allowed for certain apps and I tried clearing my cache, but it keeps filling up when i check back.
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You may want do a hard software rest problem with koodo phone sometime thay are old software I'm not saying that won't work is the software is old for a sample moto g battery in the phone no way remove it this can cosses problem in long term now say that. Reset all you need to do take care sorry if this long