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What does a 0 mb data history activity entry mean?

I have this data history report.  I don't have my phone with me. Did someone use it or something?

I misplaced my phone on Friday.  I suspect it's just at a bus station lost and found or something.  I have been asking around.

Android Device Manager says not been online since Friday when I last had it.  I strongly suspect it's in a lost and found someplace.

BUT this data history looks like maybe someone was using it?  OR is this from ME using android device manager?

I have an LG G3 SmartPhone.  Lost on Friday afternoon.

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It could just be your phone connecting to the network frequently if it's still turned on. That would be my guess. Since there is no actual usage.
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William, I hope you get your phone back. When you do, make sure you activate Google's location services so you will be able to locate where your phone is - provided the battery hasn't run out yet. See https://myaccount.google.com/find-your-phone
I already have google setup to locate my phone. Unfortunately it's not online right now.  It hasn't been since Friday.  It must have lost power.

IF someone turns the phone ON and charges it up then I will get a location again.

It looks like the phone is just out of power, sitting around someplace.  Probably in some lost and found.  I just don't understand the data history UNLESS that's ME using the google phone locator.  Or maybe the software trying to update?

It makes no sense for the Phone Locator to say it hasn't been on since Friday, but the phone data history shows activity.
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William FitzPatrick wrote:

I already have google setup to locate my phone. Unfortunately it's not online right now.  It...

Yeah that is rather odd, especially the $0.01 one yesterday. I mean it's not likely your phone was stolen and somebody using it, because in that case the usage would be much higher than that.

I would imagine it's just Koodo trying to ping your phone or something, but not actually getting through... I can't explain it otherwise!