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What defines an expensive plan?

My THREE YEAR contract with Bell is ending in another month so I'm shopping for the best place to get a new (Android) smartphone and data plan. I don't want a contract, who does, but regardless, there's not much of a choice (unless you buy the overpriced phone outright and still don't get much of a discount). Contract, Tab, same diff. My phone is pooched so I'm limping on through with it for another month. Everyone seems to be complaining of Koodo's prices but from what I see, $60 for unlimited calls within Canada (and a fair amount of data) seems to be the best plan going. What am I missing? Why so glum, chums? Is there someone else I should be considering? If I switch to a "little guy", won't their reception suck? Who's got more to offer? FYI - just to spread the word - I am leaving Bell because when my father got sick with brain cancer, was bedridden and completely unable to function, Bell said that there was nothing they could do about his bill, he had signed a contract and he was responsible for paying it until his death. Didn't matter that he was unable to dial the phone or talk for that matter. WTF? Deal with the devil I'd say. I told them when my phone renewal came up, I wouldn't renew or give them another cent and I meant it. I'll go without before I'll deal with Bell again. Shame on you Bell !!!

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If you're going to buy a phone outright and not take a negative tab (contract), the $60 plan at Koodo is alright (compared to what the big 3 offer). Virgin has a comparable plan as well that might also be worth looking into, especially considering Virgin offers access to a lot of services Koodo doesn't provide. Depending on where you live and how often you travel, Wind might also be something to consider.
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An expensive plan is when you have a plan that reaches the threshold at which you stop to see the value in what you pay for. It's different for everyone. You may find $95 perfectly adequate while someone else might find $35 expensive. It's all in the eye of the beholder, and no one but you can put a price on what [i]you deem expensive.
Thanks mattjs, appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately, Wind isn't an option in my area (southern Ontario) as they don't offer the reception I require. Can't get a signal in my home or office with Wind. I appreciate the Virgin suggestion but I just looked and Bell owns them so I guess they're out too. Kind regards.
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The higher end plans with Koodo really aren't bad. It's the lower end plans that got the short end of the stick when they were revised July 14th.
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You have no idea how many times I heard that when I managed the Uxbridge mobile shop. There was also a Bell dealer store across the street and they had terrible service so everyone hates them. The problem is Bell's reception is arguably the best in that area AND they're the only ones that do TV, internet, and home phone... but I've still flipped a lot of people over, hehehe.
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Glad to see you are doing your due diligence before signing up with any provider. I would also check out Fido. Note that with the "little guys" and their reception: -Fido is owned by Rogers and uses their towers -Virgin is owned by Bell and uses their towers -Koodo is owned by Telus and uses their towers The complaining that you see regarding Koodo's pricing, was that there was a recent price increase with their plans & phones and a restructuring of their Tab system.
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Not sure if this has been said, but reception should not be any different from Bell... they share towers with Telus, who in turn owns Koodo. Very sorry to hear about your ordeal and illness of your Dad, you have my sympathy.
You guys are awesome! Just having the option to get feedback like this leans me towards Koodo. Why wouldn't I want to be a part of this awesome community!? Thanks guys 'n gals!