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What are the APN settings for Koodo mobile?

Using a Samsung Galaxy sghI897. I just switched plans a few hours ago to a plan that has 600MB of data. I took off the data block "add on" on my account. Data enabled is checked off, and Mobile data is turned on. Only thing I can think of is that my APN needs to be reset, because my phone wasn't purchased from Koodo or Telus. It currently says sp.Telus.com

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this link is no longer available it has been broken !!
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This thread is 6 months old and has already been answered. Read Timo's comment below!
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Mm. Good old Captivate. I had that for a while on Rogers. I eventually unlocked it and sold it for $100. Great little phone. Despite having what would be considered "meh" hardware in today's age, it actually runs better than an Ace II X and still has a decent screen... plus I loved the metal battery cover. Shame there was no flash on the camera though. Sometimes I wish some of the older phones were upgraded to newer software and resold at cheaper prices today instead of coming out with 500 million new Android devices at every price range. Look at the original S II. Still leaps and bounds better than the Ace II X or One V but it came out like 2 years ago... Sorry for going off-topic there. Just sharing my thoughts.
*******THESE ARE THE APN SETTINGS FOR kOODO******* Name KOODO APN sp.koodo.com Proxy Port 80 Username leave blank Password leave blank Server leave blank MMSC http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc MMS Proxy MMS Port 80 MCC 302 MNC 220 Below Information ***ONLY IF REQUIRED *** Authentication type None APN type leave blank APN Protocol IPv4 APN roaming protocol IPv4 Enable/Disable APN APN enabled Bearer Unspecified
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This thread is 6 months old, my friend, and was answered then. No need for necromancy.