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I place order on Saturday 25th November    to upgrade my phone Samsung S8 Plus. I received confirmation of order. I would like to change to Samsung S8 not the plus. i am stuck to modify . I call the no, oh they are open Tues to Friday 3-9Pm EST. I send 4 emails to koodo.webstore@koodomile.com no answer and no acknowledge . I wants o cancel and pick my phone from the Koodo store, they are unable to help, they can not cancel. They told me , they on separate department.  On my account already negative balance i can not order another , i may get double charge . I called customer service , they can not help neither . I ask them if i cancel, i have to wait until i receive the phone and send them back . My order did not process yet, i wants to cancel and wants to pick from them store. 
Order No: HF018965272
 Why i can not cancel if the order is not yet process, have no access to see what is the status of my order .

is there a way to cancel the order , and i will pick up from the store.

Thank you

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You'd have to come in contact with the web store. You can try contacting them again tomorrow during their hours of operation.
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Hi Mirjahan - I've passed this on to our team and flagged your request. Someone will be in touch with you to sort this out. 
Thank you so much for quick response . 
Thank you so much for quick help. I missed the call from Kodoo Rep. Received an email confirmation of cancel my order. I picked a new phone from Kodoo store. It was a quick resolve. Thank you again