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Weather Widget won't set to my Home Town

How do I set my Weather Widget back to My Home Town. After a recent Hard Boot per a Koodo Tech to resolve memory issues my Samsung Galaxy Ace Weather and News Widget is stuck on Baltimore Marilyn(?) and I'm in Southern Ontario. (tried both Wi-Fi and GPS) while travelling around Ontario the last two days but Baltimore still prevails.

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If you are using the default TouchWiz weather widget; Tap on the weather and it opens the current weather. From there touch menu and you can go to settings to enable current location. If you do that, the weather will display based on your current location. If you always want it to show the weather for your town in Ontario, then go to menu and uncheck enable location, then go back to menu>city list and remove any cities other than yours. Hope this helps.. 🙂
Thanks Lyndsay; I guess while troubleshooting. I got hung up on the phone's system settings and forgot about the options for the App. After unchecking Autolocate and then selecting my specific location, I rechecked Autolocate, and the roaming feature is working again.