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We should all contact CRTC & complain about the services that Koodo provides to customers if we all complain thy will act. for the 10 for 60

  • 19 December 2017
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I believe that we should all contact the CRTC & complain about the disgusting services that Koodo is givivg its customers, if we all complain the crtc will act the 10gb for $60

1 reply

Well technically it is for new customers only. Now, if it was for everyone, all of us idiots waiting on the phone could enact some of the consumer protection for deceptive business practices so they can investigate as to why they are hanging up on clients (offering something that they know they cannot provide or accommodate). 

But since it is for new activation, and they can go to the store, a complaint won't help you.

The only recourse is to port out or to keep getting hung up on.

Now, complaining to the CRTC for unreasonable lack of customer support may do something, but by the time they get around to it, the queues will have cleared.