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watch tv on android phone

  • 24 November 2012
  • 5 replies

I like watching tv shows online but cant because my phone doesnt support flash player make a program app thing so that I can watch tv

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5 replies

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Unfortunately Steven as you probably know HTML5 has won the war with Adobe Flash for mobile devices. As of today, Flash for Android devices won’t be available to download anymore from the Google Play store and the company said it has stopped development of Flash for mobile devices.
It's not on Koodo's end to do something like this. This is completely based on the manufacturers. Your phone doesn't support flash because that's how the manufacturer created it. Koodo isn't in the market for creating apps outside of the Koodo Self Serve app.
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I agree that watching TV from your phone would be great. However the issue there is that in certain regions, different companies are allowed to offer TV. You can only get TV from 2 companies at the same area. Telus/Bell Rogers/Community Access Company (Cogeco, East Link, etc.) So where I am, Bell and Cogeco can offer TV. Thus Telus does not offer TV over here so Koodo would not be able to.
Doesn't Telus have that Optik TV thing?
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Doesn't Telus have that Optik TV thing?I believe they are talking about watching TV on your mobile device. Telus does have Optik TV (My family has it) but that's for literally watching TV on your television, not on your mobile device.