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Was told there wouldn't be any better deals, now there is!

I recently switched over to Koodo from Telus (December 7, 2016).  I specifically asked when talking to the Koodo booth people if I should wait until Boxing Day for better deals, and they said no, there wouldn't be any better deals, so I may as well sign up now (I was month to month with Telus so in no rush).

Now, low and behold, there are way better deals being offered this week.  I've switched from a $75 a month plan to a $60 a month plan for virtually the same plan, but I'm stuck paying the more expensive bill for December.

Also, I went with the Moto Z play because it was $0 down with tab medium, while the Galaxy S6 (which i wanted) was something like $100-150 down with tab medium.  Now, it is $0 with tab medium.  So I'm stuck with the Z play now because of bad advice from Koodo employees?

Not impressed, when I explicitly asked whether or not I should wait 3 weeks and was told by Koodo staff that no, there wouldn't be better deals than there were at the beginning of December.

Is there anything that can be done about this?

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The offers which may, or may not, occur in the future are not known to lowly employees. If they had such prescience they would be in a much more lucrative field. There will almost ALWAYS be a better deal in the future, but, like buying stocks, you can never be sure when.

I'm guessing the $75 plan was cheaper than staying on your Telus plan, so you saw savings there, even before the new plans came available. At the moment, your best bet is to sell your Moto Z to someone who really wants one, and get the phone you want. But hurry, the sale may not last long!

I can tell you from experience that promos are revealed to front line reps on the 22nd. Back on Dec 7th they wouldn't have known. Honestly they should have just been more frank and told you "they had no idea". Koodo didn't have promos for Black Friday at least compared to Fido virgin so the reps probably figured same would be true for Boxing Day.
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As a former sales rep for 2 multi-carrier companies, reps never know promos that far in advance. They may know either the same day or the night before, but that's about it. They likely said that to have you sign up there rather than walk to another store, but the reality is they honestly did not know what promos would be offered for boxing day.
Didn't save money. My plan with Telus was being grandfathered out so I came to Koodo because I heard they had good customer service (but am now paying more for less data). So far I haven't been super impressed. I get that they may not have known, but boxing day is a big enough deal that they could have said "there could definitely be deals that week, if you're not in a hurry you may as well wait until then. Even wait a week so that it would fall into the 2 week return period." They said "nope, won't be any other deals, get it now." They sure made it seem like they knew. If he didn't he should have said so. I would have been fine waiting a week or two. My old phone worked fine. But now it's been 3 weeks so I'm basically screwed. I understand other times of the year sales may randomly pop up and that's fine. But I feel like if you work for the company you should have some ability to predict if there MIGHT be a boxing day deal (as I'm sure now they've had them previous years), or at least say "I have no idea, maybe it's better to wait but it's up to you." So now I'm stuck, and have been told "sorry about your luck." Despite the fact it was a Koodo employee that got me in the situation. Despite the fact it was only 3 weeks ago (vs 2) and an exception could probably be made, at least about the phone. Thanks Koodo. Definitely not a good start to our relationship.
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We can't know with absolute certainty, but we can expect promos overall to peak around Black Friday and Boxing Day. Usually those promos run through the weekend, but even that's not guaranteed. If you wanted the S6, would have been better to wait for it. Unless you're a serious Samsung fan, I wouldn't go for the S6 given that it's one of Samsung's easiest phones to bypass a Google lock. The only way to bypass a Google lock on the Moto Z Play is if the bootloader is unlocked (which will void the warranty), otherwise a PIN-protected Moto Z Play is your safest bet! Plus the Moto Z Play is a newer phone.
If you still want the S6...Motorola's have really good resale value. Grab the sim-unlock code from eBay for $2, then sell the phone. Although Motorola's are not always the most popular brand on the market, they have the best resale value, meaning you might sell it for more than you got it for on your tab!