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Warranty troubles

Sent my kids S4 in for warranty repairs, again, and they say this time it was user damage and want nearly $300 to repair it. It was sent in because of reception issues. I am baffled at how this can be user damage. Especially since the problem arose when it came back from repair the first time. Not only that, but now the camera doesn't work and they claim that is also user damage. It was working just fine when it was sent away. Tried calling customer support, but they haven't a clue and so I get transferred til the call gets dropped. I don't have hours to play these games. Who can I contact directly to get this dealt with?

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Ah, Samsung. I'm fortunate and didn't have any major problems with my S III but I can't imagine the S4 being any better. I also just got an Ativ S, which is Windows Phone 8, and even it has lagged/frozen on me twice in a week since getting it. To be fair, though, I'm running the unofficial 8.1 developer preview so it's not a "finished" OS, so to speak. At this point you're better off trying to contact Samsung support on this one since Koodo is only the middleman between you and the manufacturer.
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Personally, I would want to get a better description as to what was found in terms of user damage before handing over that kind of money. There should be notes specific to the problems found. If Koodo or Samsung are not able to give you a satisfactory response, you may want to look for a reputable mobile phone repair shop in your area to perform the repair. You might even save money by going that route.