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Warranty coverage on LG G3

Bought my LG G3 with Tab plus back in February 2016.  What kind of warranty is included with my purchase as I did not purchase the extended warranty.   My ear speaker no longer works and I use my phone for work which very inconvenient to always have on speaker. 

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If the phone was new at the time of purchase, there is the standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty in effect that covers defects like this (excludes any physical and water damage).

You need to go to a Koodo store (not a retail partner like BestBuy) and they will ship out your phone for assessment and repair. Please make sure that you have your personal data backed up before sending out the phone as it may be erased. If you do not have a backup phone, you may request a loaner at the Koodo store.
Perfect!! Thank you very much 🙂
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Tania Duguay wrote:

Perfect!! Thank you very much :)

You're welcome! 🙂