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Warranry phone excHANGE.

received a replacement phone, /I was not advised to get a replacement phone while waiting I received the new phone with ho charger and most IMP NO SIM The new one Is here I was not told by the rep to remove my battery etc before sending it, now I basically have had not good service for a month. And still cannot use my phone. is her and cannot use. it. Very disappointed. Was offered a thirty dollar credit while I agreed with until I realized I had no sim card. Now I am expected to buy one>> Anyway have been a loyal Koodo customer for years and now have three lines on my account, I hope this problem gets straightenend out quickly and S30 credit is now not acceptable

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Hi Kimberly While I realize this is now a moot point, all service centers usually do not want the battery, battery cover, cases etc. As they are extra pieces that can be lost and have no bearing on rectifying phone issues. Additionally, you need your Sim to ensure that you can continue to receive service while you wait for your phone to be fixed. In any case, the rep should have mentioned these things to you and I'm sorry you're having a negative experience. Hopefully the over all good experience with koodo will out weigh the negative.
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Were you sent a return mailer or did you send your phone for repair from a koodo kiosk?
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Usually when they send you the package to ship your phone back it has a note in there saying to keep your battery, sim, and all that stuff.
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Hey Kimberley, Would you mind sending us an email to: http://koo.do/YqucV0 (through your Self Serve) so that we can take a closer look into this. Just to confirm, when you're sent a replacement phone by mail, there's no option for a loaner. This is available in-store only. Thank you. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.