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Wanting to change my plan to the newer-cheaper options. I have a positive tab of $25.

Many people are having the same problem as I am, but I don't have an outstanding tab balance with koodo. I opted for no tab and I got $25 from koodo due to the referable of my sister. I'm currently using a NON-koodo phone Samsung Galaxy S4. How can I change my plan without paying the $10 service fee for calling customer service? I've gone to 3 different kiosks and they tell me they don't have the option to change my plan and I must do it in the Self-Serve or through customer service. In the FAQs, it says that kiosk are able to change my plan for free, so why have they refused me multiple times? Thank you for your help!

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It has to be done over the phone They won't charge you b/c u can't do it online
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A lot of kiosks and store fronts actually don't have the ability to change your plan for you just like that (I wish it was that easy). For them it would just be them calling customer service on your behalf. From what I understand the option to switch to the new plans isn't available currently on self serve so you would have to call in to do so but since they only charge to call in if you can do it yourself so there should be no charge to call in. Hope this helps.
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Call customer service and tell them that you can not do it at the store and on self serve, customer service will gladly waive the 10$ service fee