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want to cancel 1.of the phone on my account

i have a phone on my mom's name, so does my sister.. I want to cancel my phone are there any cancellation fees with that ? and Is it gonna cancel my sister too ?

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You'd have to pay off your tab balance and any overages for the month. Your mom will get the total when she calls in to cancel your line. Another option is to ask for a transfer of ownership which would make you responsible for the line instead of your mother. This has to be done at a kiosk I think, your mother and you need to be there and bring id. You'll need to pass a credit check too and there is a 25$ fee.
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Hello Stephanie, 

As Chad said, you can do the Transfer of Responsibility (transfer your line into an account in your name) at a Koodo Shop but you can also do it with Customer Service by dialing *611 or 1-866-995-6636. Your mother needs to call first to authorize you to take over the account. Make sure your account doesn’t have a past due if you decide to take over the line. By the way, only your mother can cancel the line.

Hope that helps! 🙂