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want to buy moto g: to Koodo or not to Koodo?

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Motorola moto g and debating whether to buy it elsewhere or through Koodo, because it is the cheapest price I could find. Since the Koodo site is a mess (sorry guys) I can't get certain info and was hoping someone here could help me out: A) I'm travelling a lot and the phone needs to work internationally, especially in Europe. Does Koodo sell the Global GSM variant? And 😎 does it come unlocked or is it locked to Koodo? C) not sure if it's allowed to post links here but anyone here who could hint me to a retailer in BC selling the moto g unlocked for a similar price? cheers

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It's locked to koodo It's the XT1032 global gsm variant If you shop around you can find unlock codes for it for about 5$ Koodo will unlock it for 35$ immediately if you buy it outright Or after 90days if you're on a tab.
thanks man, that confirms a lot of my own assumptions. cheers