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Want new phone but i dont want to change plan

i want a new phone but i want to keep my current plan. i currently have an iphone 4 and i would like to upgrade either to the iphone 5s or samsung galaxy s4. i know i will have to pay the full price for the phone but what is those costs? and is it possible to keep my current plan?

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Hi Kev, The costs for both the S4 and the iPhone 5S are on the phone line up page I've provided. https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/models/index.html When you buy out a phone you don't need to change your plan. It all depends on the tab size you choose (if you go that route). Also if your tab balance is $0 then you can qualify for the No Tab discount which is 10% off your monthly bill. Hope that helps answer your questions 🙂
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When you want to buy a new phone, I believe you have to pay off your tab first. Then choose which tab you want your phone to be on (S, M, or L) and then you will be charged accordingly to your tab. You don't have to change your plan. If you have positive tab credits, you can use those to your next purchase of your phone which would be this one. Later on when you have 0 or positive tab, you can switch to the BYOD discount which is 10% off of your plan.
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John Lee wrote:

When you want to buy a new phone, I believe you have to pay off your tab first. Then choose which...

Note: Tab Small allows you to use any plan that Koodo used to offer or plans that are offered now,

Tab Medium requires a minimum plan of $29/month + $5 tab charge,

Tab large requires you to change your plan to a tab large plan which starts at $80/month ($70 + $10 tab charge).

If the person doesn't choose a new tab then they can just pay the retail price of the phone and their current tab balance remains, if they wanted any form of subsidy off the retail price then they'd be required to pay off their tab balance.
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When I got a new phone the first thing they asked me was if my tab was paid off. Which it was. Usually they add it to you next bill. Hope that helps.