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want lg g2 from koodo

want to see lg highend smartphones from koodo

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Since Telus just RMA'd it for us, I don't know. Maybe any overstock Telus has left that didn't sell could be pushed into Koodo like with the S II X? Look how well that did. Honestly I would like this too. There's been a bunch of other topics about it.
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Why not the G3 which is being announced by LG in just a week, I'd rather see that then the G2 personally. That or the flex would be cool. I'd rather see Koodo offer the BlackBerry Z30 or a WP Flagship than any other Android flagships as Koodo already carries the HTC ONE M8 which is the best smartphone I've ever used hands down, and if the low MP count is an issue (shouldn't be if you just post pics to social media sites like Facebook and your not blowing them up and printing them ) for you then they offer the S5 which gives you the camera detail that the M8 is missing. I don't think koodo needs any other flagship Android devices.