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volume issues please help

I am not too happy with my phone. I have been having issues with clarity when people are talking. I have the volume full blast and I often can't hear what people are saying. It is frustrating. Is there a way to fix that?? I do have hearing aids but I have hearing aid compatability on. Very greatful for thay option thank you. But some people or some times I can hear perfect, and some I have to ask to repeat numerous times. It sounds like they are talking from a distance or from a tube. With both it doesnt matter if i am in complete silence or not. I have even used head phones makes little difference. If this issue can be resolved I would be very happy with this phone. Maybe can update with a volume boost?? Thank you for your help and time with this issue.

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Which phone are you referring to, Trish? I heard the Moto G had a volume issue for some folks but mine was fine except vibration didn't work, so I sent it out for repair. Do you happen to know if the same issue happens with the same people? Do you know if they're calling from a cell phone? Do you know which provider they're on? There's quite a few variables here.
I am talking about the Moto G. I would say its about 50/50 on weather I can hear right or not .