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Voicemail questions

  • 10 July 2015
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I'm a new Koodo Mobile Prepaid customer. My phone is the HTC Desire 320.

1. Where do I set how many rings to wait until a caller goes to voicemail? I don't see any setting like that in the phone. Do I access it on the Koodo website somehow or is it impossible to change it?

2. Am I using phone minutes to check my voicemail (or change the message) even if I'm at home on my WiFi connection?

4 replies

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1. There won't be a setting for that on the phone itself. I believe there is some type of dialer code to put in to change it but I'm not sure what it is. I'll look it up for you.

2. Yes, voicemail uses airtime. WiFi has nothing to do with using the cell network for calls; it only works that way for VoIP apps like Viber or Fongo. I can take out the SIM card from my phone entirely and still use internet applications on it if I'm connected to WiFi. Your best bet is to use any unlimited evenings/weekends window, if you have one.
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1). Dial *#61# on your device - you may have to press the Call or Send button on your dialpad for the code to work. It should say something like this:

Call Forwarding

Voice: +########## after XX seconds - write down the number that appears here including the +1.
The "+###..." is the number that calls are forwarded to. The "XX" is the amount of time a caller has to wait in seconds. The call forwarding number can also be found by going to Settings > Call and is usually listed under Voicemail Settings. Do not erase or alter this number in any way.

2). Dial **61*+##########*11*XX# with "+###..." being the number you wrote down, and "XX" being the new amount of time. To obtain the '+' symbol, press and hold the zero key on the dialpad for a second or two.

Note that the amount of time can only be increased/decreased by 5 second increments. If, for example, the current setting is set to 25 seconds, it cannot be increased to 35 seconds. After entering the string of numbers and the last pound symbol, press Call or Send and you should see the message:

Call Forwarding
Registration was successful

You can verify the changes made by dialing *#61# and seeing the increase in seconds. Highest duration I could achieve was 30 seconds or 6 rings before the call went to voicemail. Tested on my HTC One M8/M9 and HTC Raider.
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Thank you rikkster! I see that my ringing-before-voicemail time is 25 seconds and that's what I most wanted to know. I think this is probably adequate for now so I'll give this a try for a while. The key thing is that I know how to change it now if I want to; that's the part that was baffling me since I didn't see any settings for it anywhere.

Is there a complete list of *all* the commands I can execute on the phone, just in case I want to check or set any other values that I haven't seen in Settings? I imagine there are other commands, right?
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Thank you, Jonathon I! It's very helpful to get a solid answer on my questions; I don't like lingering in a world of "maybe this or maybe that or maybe something else".;-)