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Voicemail notification problems

Since a couple of months, I have 2 problems with my voicemail. 

1-Notifications: even after listening and saving or deleting all my new voicemails, the notification icon stays on my phone. 

2-Once in a while, a saved message will pop back as new when I call my voicemail. 

I have a moto x Play

Any ideas on how to solve this?

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Have you turned your data off?
Data are on. I do turn it off sometimes....but for example not in th elast week, and the toggling problem keeps occuring. 
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Hello Nicolas, Data on is needed in order to receive those notifications. Do if you turn it off, it might affect those notifications.
Ok, it might be that, i will keep an eye on this relation between my turning off of the data and the notification problem. What about messages that are saved and become new again within my voicemails? any ideas?
Thansk all for your help
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This has not been my experience, even with Koodo. Voicemail notification works even with data blocked. I also happen to have a Moto X Play from Koodo, never had any issues with voicemail notification.
Here's my 2c:
  1. Make sure there are no 3rd party phone apps running (example Fongo). If so, you might have voicemail messages in those apps, then clear that out.
  2. Try rebooting the phone (standard troubleshooting).
  3. Call your cellphone from another cellphone or landline, leave yourself a message, then from your cellphone, access that message and delete it.
For messages that are saved and then flip into new messages, that'll likely require talking to tech support. I highly recommend using a call recording app to record your saved messages (save 'em to MP3), then delete them from your Koodo voicemail.
Hope that helps.