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Voicemail just starts recording when ringing stops with no warning

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No voicemail recording (Hi, im busy, leave a message) it just stops ringing and starts recording I was wondering why I was getting strange voicemails from Indian dudes, but now Im assuming that it's just telemarketers (non english ones?) just talking into it cause it sounds like someone picked up

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Hi there, if you're still experiencing problems with the Voicemail, give us a call and we'll reset everything. We can be reached at *611 from your cell or 1-866-995-6636, option #6. Thanks!
If you aren't using a default message, call in to your mailbox and re-record your message. Just listen to the options - it's there. If that doesn't work, try one of the default messages and see if they work. Sounds like your recorded message just didn't get saved...
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Hi Jake, That's odd! Did you record a message yourself or did you choose the default one? You might want to go into your voicemail and check your settings... can you record a new message?