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Voicemail downloads - any changes expected?

I like the idea of being able to download my messages to save them. The only way I know how to do that presently is to go to here (https://voicemailexport.koodomobile.com/en/complete) and request it. 

I'm wondering if there's a way to do it from my cell phone voicemail menu and if not, can it be implemented so it's a choice in our voicemail options?

I have Magic Jack for my home phone and I have the messages automatically show up in my GMail because I don't have a visual alert. That way if I don't hear the phone ring or forget to check it after being out, I will see a notification / voicemail downlad the next time I'm online. 

I would love to have this option with Koodo too as I'm not one to walk around with a cell phone while at home and don't answer voicemails when out of the house unless I think it's important. It would be easier for me to grab them from GMail.

Thanks for listening..Sue  :)

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Bell has a service that would send the user a SMS message of a voicemail when one is recorded. So implementation of something similar can definitely be done. However, downloading old voicemail messages wouldn't necessarily give you all that much information. 

What's wrong with just checking your voicemail when you have the notification on the phone? 
Mathieu wrote:

Bell has a service that would send the user a SMS message of a voicemail when one is recorded. So...

Many times,  a business wiill call and give a different number to call back. That means I have to get a pen and listen to a message a 2nd or 3rd time to jot down the info. If it was on the omputer, I could start and stop it and replay it easier.

Just this past week, I had 3 voicemails from Bell. 2 told me to call different numbers. 1 out of the 3 was garbled a bit and one was placed by a person who speaks broken English--I listened to this one 3x and still don't know most of what was said, so I downloaded these.