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  • 1 February 2016
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I can't access to my voicemail since I changed my number I am supposed to dial for a two digit number and so every time I go to listen to my voicemail I get this loading thing that says USSD loading and then my voicemail shuts down. I haven't heard my voicemails yet and koodo plans to erase all the old messages and I have no clue of what is said in them! Plz help

2 replies

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Not sure what you are referring to; what number did you change to a 2-digit number? If you changed the voicemail access number in your phone you'll need to call tech support and get them to either push the correct number back out to your phone or look up the correct vm number so you can manually enter it.
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Hey Lauras! Was your issue resolved? Keep us in the loop!