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Voice mail delivery in three days! why?

Hi, Evey voice mail that I receive has a delay of three days. I get the notification but the system always says to me the the message will only be delivered in three business days. Why is this happening?

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Is it saying that a message will be delivered in 3 days or a message will be deleted in 3 days?
Hi, thanks for replying. It says it's going to be delivered in three days. And it is actually delivered in three days, but, what if the message is urgent? I don't want to wait three days to hear about a job opportunity...
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Does this happen to ALL your voice mails or just one, which might be a scam? Call yourself from a different phone and let it ring, see what voicemail message you get. Leave a recording. If it's universal, call Koodo and have them reset your voice mail to Ø.