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Visual voicemail for Android customers

Hey! How about getting around to enabling OCN (Originating Called Number) functionality so those of us without iPhones can use Youmail's visual voicemail service? It's not like customers haven't been asking: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/ocn_originating_called_number_not_being_sent_when_a_call_is_forwarded

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Are you on prepaid? It seems the people in that other topic are, and I've read on here people using you mail before.
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@ Alex would this be just an app that koodo or whoever needs to build? Because that can't be that expensive.
I'm a monthly (not prepaid) customer. Here's a link to a youmail.com support page that sets out their position re OCN (I.e., that 'Option 2' is a simple fix for a carrier like Koodo to make): http://support.youmail.com/hc/en-us/articles/200477588-Callers-asked-to-Deposit-or-Retrieve-Voicemail-Error-Formerly-Enter-your-10-digit-number-Prompt-Error-
I agree.  Visual voicemail is awesome and it's about time that Koodo implemented it for its Android customers.  Or, at least, allow us to use a service like YouMail.